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Aramid Penetration Barrier – Aramid (also known as Kevlar ®) is a short form for aromatic polyamide. A fiber that provides exceptional strength and thereby, if used correctly, can be used to provide protection against penetration in applications such as bullet proof clothing. POC is using Aramid as a soft penetration barrier to protect from sharp objects penetrating the helmets.


Aramid bridge shell helmets
Concept used in Trabec and Fornix helmets – By using the extreme strength provided by the Aramid fiber in bridges in the helmets shell, the structure is reinforced and at the same time, the impact energy deforming the helmet is srpread over a larger surface. Both features are good form a protection standpoint.


MIPS – Developed in cooperation with Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institute, Sweden.                    

The new MIPS technology mimics one of the safety systems which already exist in the human head. When the head is subjected to an oblique impact, the brain can slide along a membrane on the inner surface of the skull, which reduces the forces transmitted to the brain. This protective feature has, with the MIPS technology, been incorporated into the helmet. In a helmet equipped with MIPS technology, the shell and the liner are separated by a low friction layer. When subjected to an oblique impact, the low friction layer allows a small rotation of the shell relative to the liner. Experimental tests shows a significant reduction of the forces to the brain. Find more information about the tests at www.mipshelmet.com

Accident statistics show that the most common accident occurs in an oblique impact to the head, resulting in a 
rotation of the head and brain.
The brain is more sensitive to oblique impacts than radial impacts. However, according to the helmet test regulations, the helmets are dropped vertically onto the impact surface, resulting in a radial force to the head. This is why helmets today have good protective properties for vertical impacts while the protection is not optimized for oblique impacts. MIPS AB has therefore developed MIPS technology to provide substantially increased protection against oblique impacts.


Multi Impact
Many protectors out there are lightweight, but less efficient when it comes to shock absorption. Others are light and can take one blow with proper shock absorption, but a second blow to the protector will transfer a much higher amount of energy and the third hit an even higher amount. The VPD material stays at the same high absorption level. This is an important issue for us since we believe that a protector will take several beatings both during one fall, but also during its complete life time.

The armor is not only designed to give you the highest possible level of protection when riding. We have also done everything we can to make the armor as comfortable to wear as possible. You will feel how the protection anatomically and ergonomically follows the shape of your body. At the same time, the protection is supple, giving you complete freedom of movement. Another major advantage of the POC armor is the highly efficient ventilation technology. To sum up, POC’s body protection will give you unsurpassed levels of comfort and safety. Looking at our range we hope that you will find a product for your personal need.


The new VPD 2.0 range offers extreme shock absorption properties, which gives us a completely new alternative in the traditional tradeoff situation between flexibility and real protection. Due to the ability of transition from soft to hard when needed and the extreme shock absorption properties, you no longer have to choose between freedom of movement and proper protection.

VPD 2.0 offers a better flexibility in cold temperatures and has an increased tear resistance. To further improve anti penetration properties, the back protector has a durable thermoplastic polymer sheet integrated for extra protection at the spinal area. The slightly revised material compound is still highly dampening, soft, comfortable and adapts to create an individual fit. When exposed to impact, the material stiffens and has an extreme absorption of energy.


POLYGENE – helmets and armor stay fresh and last longer
Polygiene permanent odor control treatment neutralizes odor by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi, and makes your helmet and armor stay fresh and odor free. Your gear also lasts longer because bacteria never get the chance to break down the synthetic fibers. Polygiene is safe next to your skin and helps reduce your environmental impact, too. Polygiene odor control treatment is included in all POC products where applicable.


These lenses are made from a proprietary material that is known as ”visual armor”, which was developed as a solution to military fighter jet and helicopter pilots’ demands for a shatterproof canopy that would not distort their vision.

All our NXT lenses are equipped with a color vision boosting filter - HCD (High Chromatic Definition) which has an extreme contrast enhancing effect and takes goggle lens clarity to a new dimension. To help you keep your lens clean and clear you will also find an excellent Oleophobic/Hydrophobic treatment as well as an Anti-scratch/Anti-fog treatment. Except for these unique “basic” features some NXT lenses also are equipped with a Photochromatic filter. The Photochromatic filter enables the lens to change the tint color depending on the current light conditions.

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