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POCito - Kids protection

POC is proud to present POCito. Finally kids protection gear that are designed and developed just for them. POCito is a series of products for kids between 4and 10 years old, all developed to prevent accidents or to decrease the severity of injuries in an accident.
Children these days face a vulnerable situation, often skiing on crowded slopes among over-excited adults running fiercely downhill, many of whom are more or less out-of-control but sadly unaware of it. Statistics show that one of the fastest-rising types of accidents on the slopes comes from kids being run into by adult skiers.

If a child weighing perhaps 20% that of an adult is hit at high speed, they need an outstandingly good helmet, together with a back protector, to protect the most vital parts of their bodies. In other words, child skiers need effective, purpose designed protection, and they also need to be seen.

POC´s ambition is clear, to make no compromises on kids’ protection, but to design products that are at least as good as the adult gear, while trying to understand the specific needs of children’s safety.

But is there any chance of preventing these accidents? Yes, in many cases we believe there is. Beyond issuing information to skiers in general, we have developed products to alert surrounding skiers to slow down or pay attention and have chosen the most effective colors and properties for these.

Avalanches are another risk. These days ski patrollers are forced to dig into even the smallest avalanches running into a piste because of the risk of a child being hidden beneath the snow. All of our kids’ helmets are therefore equipped with an avalanche reflector from Recco. All products also have visual reflectors to make children clearly visible in areas around skiing, for example in car parks or near traffic.

While we were developing these products, people told us that it is impossible to market kids’ gear that provides the quality and protection that we are seeking. At POC, we believe it’s exactly the opposite. Most parents would never compromise on their children’s well-being or safety and buy something because it’s cheap, if it is not good enough. And most of the kids’ protection on the market today is less safe and performs less well than what is possible with modern technology.POC is therefore proud to present POCito©, a new range of products for kids that complies with our mission of reducing the consequences of skiing accidents and possibly saving lives.