Iris Lens Archive 1.2mm, Black, hi-res

Iris Lens Archive 1.2mm


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    • Black
    • Yellow
    • Bronze/silver mirror
    • Pink/gold mirror
    • Sonar Orange
    • Persimmon/green mirror
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Product Details

Item No. 41050

IRIS Spare Lens

POC´s Carl Zeiss lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC) and have superior perfomance. All combinations of tints and mirrors have been carefully selected to minimize internal glare and to utilize the full effect of the base tint benefits.

As from Snow 14/15 production, Zeiss lenses became an option on the Retina, Retina Big and Iris model. Due to the increased thickness of the Zeiss lens compared to our other lens options, these frames are slightly revised as from this point. This can unfortunately make it hard to fit a new Zeiss lens into an old frame which is produced before this season, which is especially obvious on the Iris model in size Small.

If you for some reason would need another lens for your old Iris small, please contact us through our customer service and we will be able to help you out.

Technical Features


  • Lens by ZEISS
  • Black (No mirror),  VLT 7%, Category S4
  • Persimmon / Green Mirror VLT 17%, Category S3
  • Bronze / Silver Mirror VLT 32%, Category S2
  • Bronze / Blue Mirror VLT 33, Category S2
  • Pink / Gold Mirror VLT 31%, Category S2
  • Sonar Orange (No Mirror) VLT 41%, Category S2
  • Yellow (No Mirror) VLT 71,5 %, Category S1

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