Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag


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Product Details

Item No. 24010

Air Bag Vest

Designed in collaboration with world champion skiers, the Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag vest is made for demanding racers who care about performance and protection. Combining the VPD back protector with the In&motion airbag system, it offers the highest level of protection ever.

The airbag system consists of integrated sensors and uses a precise algorithm to distinguish between a crash or fall from the normal forces associated with Alpine racing. In order to detect a loss of balance the system keeps track of a rider’s movement by performing 1000 analysis per second. When a fall is detected, the airbag is inflated in less than 100 milliseconds to provide protection for the neck, chest, spine, abdomen and hips. Approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), the Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag Vest system is integrated within the light vest wearable under a ski racing suit, which makes it convenient and comfortable to wear. Wind tunnel testing has also proven that the vest has no effect on a skier’s aerodynamics. The airbag provides a wide-spanning protection of the neck, chest, spine, abdomen and hips and offers up to more than 4 times better absorption capacity compared to a standard back protector. Explore the entire VPD Collection.

Approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS)


Technical Features

spine vpd airbag 2.0 SAFETY NOTICE

Until further notice. If the airbag has deployed or has passed the suggested service date then the cartridge will need to be replaced. It is essential that the cartridge is replaced by skilled technicians in a controlled environment. Do not replace for any reason the cartridge yourself. Send the entire vest to In&Motion who will be able to replace quickly and easily.




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