The Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling Team take a holistic approach to rider development, and are acutely aware of the importance of safety in training. Our safety heritage is important to us at POC, and we are proud to partner the pro team and see them use our performance training AVIP collection, worn here by Taylor Phinney, Alex Howes and Will Clarke.


AVIP, which stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection, builds on our years of research to combine what we believe are the four most critical elements for improving safety and performance for every training session, anywhere.


We developed a color palette specifically for the AVIP range, and have worked with contrast panelling purely to make riders more visible.



Grabbing others’ attention and making them aware of your presence is crucial from the very moment of climbing on the bike until returning home safely, whether out for a half-hour ride or a whole day in the saddle. This simple, but crucial, objective permits cyclists to train with confidence.



Many factors affect visibility - including weather, time of day and surrounding environment. Our research with POC Lab has led us to believe that contrast and pattern play an important role in supporting improved visibility in all conditions, resulting in the unique design and colour palette of the AVIP range.


We believe that interaction between different types of road users supports pro-active safety. Using smart technology, we believe effective interaction can allow a rider to change the balance of their focus from their surroundings and other road users in favour of their training.


By drawing on our experience and heritage of protection for gravity sports athletes, and our continued research through POC Lab, we work to include both proactive and active protection in every AVIP product.