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Set them off in their Trax

Each new generation benefits from technological advances that older generations, who may not have the advantage of growing up with these new habits, tend to scoff at.

Grumblings of ‘back in my day’ or ‘they have it so easy these days’ are never far away. Built on a perception that younger souls will never benefit from the unique insights gained from always playing outdoors, rolling around in the mud, not having a mobile phone or the faintest idea what a smartphone could do.

But now and then advances in technology have the opposite effect. Instead of facing the charge of limiting horizons, it brings with it the chance to open up new worlds and experiences. POC’s collaboration with TRAX is an embodiment of this principle, with technology brimming with potential as an enabler of enhanced safety.

Put simply it lets parents easily keep track of their child’s location on the mountain, it can notify them of a range of potentially dangerous situations and locate them quickly if they are immobile or unconscious.

Any parent skiing with children will have had those moments of dread when they lose sight of them on the mountain. It’s easy to think about what could happen, but what’s essential is the ability to locate them quickly.

Being able to keep track of the most essential thing in your life unobtrusively is incredible. Still, what makes the difference is not technical, it’s the change of attitude, and relationship between parent and child that can come with it.

All parents want their children to learn from their own experiences through unhindered freedom to roam and explore. Equally strong, however, is the desire to limit or control the risks they are exposed to.

These contrasting positions are not the best bedfellows, and more often than not, reducing perceived risks comes out on top, even where everyone’s preference would be to do the opposite.

This is where technology like the TRAX POC Edition opens up new potential, giving parents more confidence to ski or snowboard with their children in different parts of the mountain or to let them explore independently in the knowledge that alerts will warn them of any potential risks.

There is no denying that technology can divide people across time and application. Some extremes require us to pause for thought, especially when we see generations tethered to screens. But, that’s just one small aspect, far more common are the positive benefits that technology can bring, giving older and younger generations alike more liberty and confidence to explore the great outdoors. It’s time to set them off in their Trax.

POCito VPD air vest + TRAX POC edition_

The ‘POCito VPD Air Vest + TRAX POC Edition’ is a child-specific back protector that conforms to EN1621:2 Level 1 certification and is designed to store a TRAX POC Edition device.

The POC Edition, developed exclusively with TRAX, includes unique features: inactivity report; ski maps; SOS feature; topographic maps; activity data. The TRAX device allows parents to create geofences, receive real-time alerts/updates and find a child through augmented reality. The devices use a cellular network that is compatible with most areas globally.



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