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Fovea Mid Race

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Developed for the very high speeds of competition skiing and scaled for slightly smaller faces, the Fovea Mid Race is optimised for the sharpest vision while competing.

Color: Speedy Dolcezza
Lens: Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Speedy Dolcezza/Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Uranium Black/Hydrogen White Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Hydrogen White/Uranium Black Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Uranium Black/Argentite Silver Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Zink Orange/Hydrogen White Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Product Highlights
  • Scaled for smaller faces
  • Clarity lens technology
  • Optimised for competition
  • High-density vent foam
  • Race-specific design details

Product Description_

Developed for the very high speeds of competition skiing, the Fovea Mid Race utilises lenses tailored to competition for the sharpest vision. Alongside the Clarity Highly Intense lens, optimised for better contrast and absolute clarity of vision at high speeds and in competition settings, the goggles feature high-density foam to prevent too much airflow at higher speeds.

The toric lens couples with the wide frame shape to give an unobstructed field of view, helping ensure you can see every details and react to the course in front of you even at very high speeds.

The smaller height of the Fovea Mid frame gives a better fit on smaller faces, and fits seamlessly with POC junior race helmets.

Triple-layer face foam enhances comfort next to the skin, while the malleable frame ensures a close, comfortable fit without hardness or brittleness in even the coldest conditions.

Technical Details_


The supplied lens features Clarity technology optimised to give the best vision in competition settings.

Toric Lens

The toric lens shape minimizes distortion to give optimum vision.


The Ri-Pel hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment protects from dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and also makes the lenses easier to clean so your vision is always clear.

Anti-scratch treatment

An anti-scratch treatment on the outer lens reduces the risk of surface damage for clearer vision.

Anti-fog treatment

An anti-fog treatment on the inner lens helps reduce internal fogging for clear vision as the intensity rises.

Complete UV Protection (UV 400)

The goggles give complete protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Triple-layer face foam

Multiple layers of foam ensure a soft and comfortable fit, perfectly molding to the contours of your face.

Silicone grippers

Silicone grippers on the inside of the strap help keep the goggles secure against a helmet.

Ventilation Padding

The high-d