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POCito Fornix Mips

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The helmet that can speak for your child when they can’t.

Color Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Blue
Fluorescent Yellow/Green
Fluorescent Pink
Product Highlights
  • Lightweight kids’ ski helmet
  • The twICEme® NFC Medical ID gives instance access to vital medical and emergency contact details.
  • RECCO® Reflector

Get A Seamless Fit_

POCito Iris

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Fluorescent Pink/Clarity POCito
Fluorescent Blue/Clarity POCito
Fluorescent Yellow/Green/Clarity POCito
Fluorescent Orange/Clarity POCito
Fluorescent Lime Green

Product Description_

The twICEme® NFC Medical ID can also be loaded with parents’ telephone numbers and other important information needed if something were to happen.

The POCito Fornix Mips ski helmet includes numerous safety features that work to prevent accidents from happening. Bright, fluorescent colors that make kids more noticeable give other skiers more time to react to the location of your child, helping to avoid collisions. Reflective patches further enhance visibility. If an accident does happen, the ski helmet protects young ones with features including aramid penetration barrier, a lightweight EPS liner and a PC shell.

Inspired by the original influencer, the Fornix, the new POCito Fornix Mips for kids features many of the same technologies as its parent: A new and improved fit system ensure its easy to find the right fit; a RECCO® reflector makes kids easily searchable in the mountains; a goggle clip gives security; and goggle chimneys mean that vapour can escape from POC goggles to prevent steaming.

The helmet also features fully adjustable ventilation, making it easy for youngsters to control their temperature.

Technical Details_

twICEme® NFC Medical ID

The twICEme® NFC Medical ID gives instance access to vital medical and emergency contact details.

Upload vital info

NFC write functionality required (most android phones, iPhone 7 or later running iOS 13 or newer)


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