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Base Armor Tights Jr

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Base Armor is our enhanced protection against laceration injuries for ski racers.

Color Uranium Black
Uranium Black
Product Highlights
  • All-over cut-resistance
  • Compression feel
  • Exclusive Dyneema® with stretch

Product Description_

Base Armor is our enhanced protection against laceration injuries for ski racers. Constructed entirely from Dyneema® cut-resistant fabric, the Base Armor tights JR provide a base layer of protection for junior ski racers.

A double layer of Dyneema® is used in strategic zones along the legs in the areas most at risk of lacerations from skis to further enhance protection. The rest of the tights are constructed from a single layer of the same cut-resistant material to support enhanced freedom of movement.

The base armor gives a compression feel tailored for ski racers. The Dyneema® with stretch ensures the tights move with the body. An elastic waistband ensures the tights sit comfortably and securely as the body moves.


A new kind of Dyneema® with stretch has been developed specifically for POC. The material is 15x stronger than steel, giving advanced cut protection.

Technical Details_

Laceration protection

A soft armor base layer for junior ski racers that sits next to the skin to enhance protection from lacerations. Constructed entirely from Dyneema, one of the world's strongest fabrics, with stretch, developed specifically for POC.

Enhanced protection

A double layer of Dyneema features in strategic zones covering the main arteries in the legs for extra protection from injury.

All-over cut resistance

Single-layer Dyneema with stretch and a compression feel increases the flexibility of the armor, supporting free movement.

Elasticated waistband

An elastic waistband helps ensure the race armor sits securely in place.

Compression feel

Compression feel tailored for ski racers. Dyneema® stretch allows the tights to move with the body.

Product Number: 57223