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Made from a pot of gold_ POC x Rapha edition

It’s hard to grasp the extremes of a professional cyclist’s life.

It could be the three-week Grand Tours, ascending beyond 5000m in one day, fighting against wind and cobbles, or even the alternative endurance events that routinely fill the modern cycling calendar.

The Omne, exploring new frontiers with Lachlan Morton

Day after day.

Week after week.

Year after year.

Riders will exist in an environment that for most of us would be like an alien world, but it’s also a place which forges a special insight.

Where ideas take form.

Mitch Docker with POC employees, Damian and Magnus, thoroughly testing the Omne during the 'Length of Sweden' race

Unlike the elusive pot of gold that exists at the end of every rainbow, the wealth of experience gained by a World Tour rider is thankfully a lot easier to discuss and study.

As mere mortals we are able to tap into views and intuition uniquely created over thousands and thousands of kilometers.

Bringing a wealth of fresh understanding to what works.

And to what really works!

It’s a process that has inspired us to create innovative products.

And it’s a process that through a mutual love and respect of cycling, and our support for EF Education-Nippo, has brought us together with Rapha to create a series of limited-edition helmets, perfect for road and gravel riding, as used and refined by modern day inspirations like Lachlan Morton and Mitch Docker.

POC engineers discussing the Rapha edition Omne and the Whole Helmet Concept™

POC exists to reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one, Rapha to make the world’s finest cycling apparel.

As partners to EF Education-NIPPO, we naturally combine to help the team’s riders stay ahead of their rivals and, most importantly, to stay safe on race day.

Together our respective observations and ideas have been brought to life new ideas from unique environments, which when translated will benefit us all.

That’s a real pot of gold!

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