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Low bridge fit

Fovea Clarity WF

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Clarity further enhances the optical performance of the Fovea goggle. Developed by optical industry leaders Carl Zeiss for enhanced vision.

Color: Lemon Calcite
Lens: Clarity Define Spektris Silver
Lemon Calcite/Clarity Define Spektris Silver
Epidote Green/Clarity Define Spektris Ivory
Sapphire Purple/Clarity Define Spektris Ivory
Uranium Black/Spektris Orange
Hydrogen White/Spektris Orange
Hydrogen White/Clarity Define No Mirror
Uranium Black/Clarity Define No Mirror
Product Highlights
  • Unique Clarity lenses by Zeiss for all day, all mountain precision
  • Spektris mirror coating for various light conditions
  • Toric shape for a large vertical and peripheral field of view
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog treated
  • Anti-fog treatment
  • Triple-layer face foam for comfort and security
  • Silicone grip on inside of strap to keep goggles in place
  • Complete UV protection (UV400)

Product Description_

Exclusive Spektris mirror coatings have been developed for different weather conditions: sunny, partly sunny and overcast, giving unparalleled vision in any weather. Combining these lenses with a goggle designed in collaboration with POC team athlete Aaron Blunck ensures maximal vertical and peripheral vision is never interrupted. A soft frame and triple-layer foam ensures a comfortable and secure fit on any face shape, and provides flexibility and comfort in even the coldest conditions.


Die in Zusammenarbeit mit Zeiss entwickelten Clarity Scheiben filtern spezielle Peaks im Farbspektrum heraus, um eine optimale Sicht im Schnee zu garantieren.


Die einzigartigen Spektris Verspiegelungen sind auf die Eigenschaften der Clarity Scheiben abgestimmt für optimale Sicht.


Watch the short video to learn about the features and highlights.

Technical Details_


When not in use, it is recommended to store the goggles in their case in order to avoid scratching, keeping them far from sources of heat and direct sunlight, especially during transport.

Item No. 40403

Low Bridge Fit Goggles

Thicker foam across the bridge of the nose ensures the goggles more closely follow the form of the face on people with a lower nose bridge and/or higher cheekbones.
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