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+ Extra Lens

Retina Race

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With an exceptionally large field of view and lenses tailored for competition, the Retina Race goggles make it easier to see what is around you, so you can react to everything on the slopes.

Color: Uranium Black
Lens: Argentite Silver Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Uranium Black/Argentite Silver Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Uranium Black/Hydrogen White Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Hydrogen White/Uranium Black Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Zink Orange/Hydrogen White Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Product Highlights
  • Extra large frame for optimal vision in every direction.
  • Clarity by POC lens technology.
  • Cylindrical lens shape.
  • Comes with additional lens.

Combined With_

Retina/Retina Race Lens

Regulärer Preis 499,00 kr Outlet-Sale-Preis
Clear/No mirror Cat. 0
Clarity Intense/Sunny Gold Cat. 3
Clarity Intense/Partly Sunny Orange Cat. 2
Clarity Intense/Cloudy Coral Cat. 1
Clarity Highly Intense/Sunny Silver Cat. 3
Clarity Highly Intense/Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Clarity Highly Intense/Cloudy Violet Cat. 1
Clarity Highly Intense/Low Light Pink Cat. 1
Clarity Highly Intense/Artificial Light Cat. 1
Clarity Universal/Partly Sunny Grey Cat. 2