Clarity Goggles
See snow differently
Clarity lenses redefine what it means to see on the slopes. Developed with optical industry leaders Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, Clarity lenses filter specific peaks in the color spectrum to enhance all-day precision vision.

Clarity lenses are for skiers and snowboarders who demand all-day precision and performance. Created with input from elite skiers, all Clarity lenses have been developed so you can see snow like never before.

Clarity Comp

Clarity Comp lenses have been created for the intensity of competition settings, giving unparalleled vision when it’s needed most: on a race run.

Spektris enhances Clarity
Clarity and Clarity Comp lenses are each available in three versions: for sunshine, part cloud cover and overcast conditions. Not only is each lens different, but the lenses are then treated with specific Spektris mirror coatings to complement and enhance the properties of the lens. This delivers goggles that provide all-day precision vision and minimal eye fatigue, regardless of light conditions.