Cornea Spare Lens

color Bronze/Yellow Mirror

Cornea Spare Lens


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    • Black
    • Yellow
    • Transparent
    • Bronze/silver mirror
    • Pink/gold mirror
    • Bronze/Yellow Mirror
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Cornea Spare Lens

POC´s Carl Zeiss lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC) and have superior perfomance. All combinations of tints and mirrors have been carefully selected to minimize internal glare and to utilize the full effect of the base tint benefits.



Item No. 41310


  • Lens by ZEISS
  • Black (No mirror),  VLT 7%, Category S4
  • Bronze / Yellow Mirror VLT 11%, Category S3
  • Bronze / Silver Mirror VLT 12%, Category S3
  • Persimmon / Blue Mirror VLT 25%, Category S2
  • Pink / Bronze Mirror VLT 28%, Category S2
  • Pink / Gold Mirror VLT 31%, Category S2
  • Sonar Orange (No Mirror) VLT 41%, Category S2
  • Yellow (No Mirror) VLT 63%, Category S1

    + LENS
  • Ripel – All Zeiss lenses will have Oleophobic and Hydrophobic treatment which ensures water, dirt, oil and dust cannot stick to the surface of the lens
  • Wider tint range – easier to find your personal favorite lens tint based on your choice for eye comfort and aesthetics
  • Low light filter - Higher VLT on the POC specific Sonar lens provides better performance in low light conditions
  • Thicker lens - 1,8 mm lens throughout the range for enhanced durability and a more robust lens attachment, especially for all Iris, Retina and Retina Big