Define Fabio Ed.

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Define Fabio Ed.


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Fabio editions

Approaching every obstacle with creativity and the inspiration to do things differently has always been the ethos we have shared with Fabio Wibmer. Now, as he leads and reimagines what is possible on a bike, and as we continue to lead and innovate in the development of award-winning protection, we’ve come together to develop the exclusive Fabio signature series. Everything in the series features details designed by Fabio himself.

The Define sunglasses ensure performance on and off the bike. With a style influenced heavily by POC’s active heritage, the Define sunglasses are ideal while riding MTB or while in urban settings.

Corrective optical lenses can be fitted to this frame.

Clarity lens technology developed in partnership with Carl Zeiss, the optical industry leaders, feature in the Define sunglasses. Clarity lenses control the color spectrum for enhanced contrast and color definition for clearer vision in the environments you ride in. Corrective optical lenses can be fitted to this frame.

A lightweight and durable grilamid frame features on the Define glasses. A minimal frame on the bottom of the glasses reduces the visible frame for the wearer, supporting clearer vision.

Snap in hinges can pop out in a fall, minimizing damage to the frame and prolonging the life of the sunglasses.

Rubber grips on the nosepiece and the temples ensure the glasses sit firmly in place even during strenuous activity.

To introduce his new POC collection, Fabio Wibmer planned something big.

Gathering a crew of cameramen, a photographer, his trusted stunt double and a renowned director they head to Saalbach to present the new “Wibmer style” POC helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, sunglasses and goggle.

But some plans just aren’t meant to work especially when, at first, Fabio’s stunt double is injured – forcing the Austrian to do all the riding himself – and secondly, the director has very specific ideas about what a “good” production should be.

Luckily, in the end everything lives up to the Fabio Wibmer standard.

Item No. DE1010

  • Clarity lens technology
  • Lightweight and durable grilamid frame
  • Rubber nosepiece and temples stay grippy even when wet
  • Snap hinges
  • Complete UV protection (UV400)
  • Corrective optical lenses will fit this frame

DEFINE frame dimensions

Height: 48,2 mm
Width: 144,5 mm
Temple length (from hinge): 125 mm




Clarity lenses redefine what it means to see while riding. Developed by POC together with Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, Clarity lenses filter specific peaks in the color spectrum to enhance precision vision. The lenses intensify color and contrast and are tuned specifically to different riding environments, specifically urban, trail and road.


Clarity Performance Road lenses increase contrast in a greyish environment, making it easier to determine surface characteristics. The base color of the lens is always violet.


Clarity Performance Trail lenses support vision in greenish settings, making it easier to read the trails and make line choices quickly. The base color of the lens is always brown.


Clarity lenses for the urban environment are designed to make red lights pop so it's easier to see brake lights and traffic lights, thereby supporting faster decision making in traffic. The base color of the lens is always cold brown.


Our standard performance lenses provide a constant level of light protection across the color spectrum. Three different lens base tints are available, with the darker tints letting less light through.