Fovea Mid Clarity Comp +

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Fovea Mid Clarity Comp +


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The Fovea Mid Clarity Comp + ski goggle works to give racers the edge they need in any light.

Ski racing goggle with an exceptional field of view

The ski goggle gives an exceptional field of view thanks to its wide frame design and toric/spherical lens shape. The frame is not as high as its sibling model the Fovea, meaning that this model works well on a wider variety of face shapes and sizes.

Ski race-specific features

The Foveal Mid Clarity Comp + includes a number of features tailored specifically to the race community, including a new high-density strap to ensure a very tight fit against a helmet, that works to minimize vibration at the very high speeds racers reach.

High-density ventilation foam prevents too much airflow at very high speeds, ensuring unparalleled vision in competition.

Clarity lens technology

We developed Clarity lens technology with optical industry leader Carl Zeiss. The Clarity Comp lenses are fine-tuned for ski racers, controlling the color spectrum for the sharpest vision when it matters most. The lenses ensure complete UV protection (UV400).

The goggle comes with two spare lenses, including our new lens developed specifically for night skiing. A soft-coated PU frame and triple-layer foam conforms to the face and remains flexible in even the coldest temperatures, meaning this ski and snowboard goggle is suitable for use even in deepest winter. A goggle bag and vent foam, as well as two spare lenses, is included in the box with purchase.

Item No. 40411

  • Ski Race goggle
  • Exceptional field of view
  • Extra Clarity Comp lenses for low light and for night skiing included
  • High-density goggle strap 
  • Medium frame in malleable TPU 
  • High-density ventilation padding 
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch lens treatments
  • Unique Spektris mirror coating tailored to work with Clarity lens technology
  • Goggle bag is included with purchase

Care instructions

  • Clean the lens exterior gently under running water to avoid scratching;
  • Clean the frame with soapy lukewarm water;
  • Rinse the goggles gently and leave them to dry in the open air;
  • Once dry, polish the goggles with a soft cloth or the special microfiber wipe.

Do not clean with abrasive material. Important! At the start of every ski season or after a fall, check your goggles carefully for signs of damage (lens, frame, headstrap)If the goggles are damaged they must not be used, but must be replaced as their protective capacities could be impaired; failure to replace the goggles could lead to permanent damage to the eyes.  If some part of the goggles is damaged, replace them with an original spare part at your local POC dealer. 
It is advisable in any case to replace the goggles after 5 years of use, or after any significant impact.
Important! Never rub the inside of the lens; this reduces the efficacy of the anti - fog coating. Never use abrasive or corrosive cleaning products that might compromise the goggles’ physical properties.


When not in use, it is recommended to store the goggles in their case in order to avoid scratching, keeping them far from sources of heat and direct sunlight, especially during transport.

What is in the box?

Goggle bag
Spare lenses x 2 (Clarity Comp lens for low light and night skiing condition)
Vent foam