Fovea Mid Clarity Comp Night Lens

color Clarity Comp Night/AR Green Back/Front

Fovea Mid Clarity Comp Night Lens


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    • Clarity Comp Night/AR Green Back/Front
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Find focus and Clarity when night skiing with the new Clarity Comp Night Vision lens for the Fovea Mid ski goggle frame. Developed for racing under the floodlights on World Cup slopes, the night vision lens filters the excess of green light typically associated with floodlit slopes.

A very light rose tint ensures better contrast on the slopes as the tint works to enhance the reds in the color spectrum.

Glare and the halo effect from artificial light sources is reduced by the lens, thanks to a seven-layer anti-reflective treatment on each side of the lens.

A Ri-Pel coating protects against scratches, dirt, grime and water.

Item No. 41361

  • Clarity Comp Night Vision lens for the Fovea Mid frame.
  • Lens technology developed by POC and Zeiss filters excess green light for clearer vision at night
  • Light rose tint enhances reds for better contrast
  • Seven-layer anti-reflective coating on each side of the lens
  • Ri-Pel anti-dirt -oil and -water protection, with anti-scratch

Care instructions

  • clean the lens exterior gently under running water to avoid scratching;
  • rinse the goggles gently and leave them to dry in the open air;
  • once dry, polish the goggles with a soft cloth or the special microfiber wipe.

Do not clean with abrasive material. Important! At the start of every ski season or after a fall, check your goggles carefully for signs of damage (lens, frame, headstrap)If the goggles are damaged they must not be used, but must be replaced as their protective capacities could be impaired; failure to replace the goggles could lead to permanent damage to the eyes.  If some part of the goggles is damaged, replace them with an original spare part at your local POC dealer. 
It is advisable in any case to replace the goggles after 5 years of use, or after any significant impact.
Important! Never rub the inside of the lens; this reduces the efficacy of the anti - fog coating. Never use abrasive or corrosive cleaning products that might compromise the goggles’ physical properties.


When not in use, it is recommended to store the goggles in their case in order to avoid scratching, keeping them far from sources of heat and direct sunlight, especially during transport.