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POCito Fornix SPIN


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The helmet that can speak for your child when they can’t. Featuring twICEme® NFC, the first people on the scene of an accident can get the information they need in an instant, thereby assisting them and shortening lead times during an emergency. The twICEme® NFC can also be loaded with parents’ telephone numbers and other important information needed if something were to happen.

POCito active safety for kids

The POCito Fornix SPIN ski helmet includes numerous safety features that work to prevent accidents from happening. Bright, fluorescent colors that make kids more noticeable give other skiers more time to react to the location of your child, helping to avoid collisions. Reflective patches further enhance visibility. If an accident does happen, the ski helmet protects young ones with features including aramid penetration barrier, a lightweight EPS liner and a PC shell. Our silicone pad technology, SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) also features.

Inspired by the Fornix

Inspired by the original influencer, the Fornix, the new POCito Fornix SPIN for kids features many of the same technologies as its parent: A new and improved fit system ensure its easy to find the right fit; a RECCO® reflector makes kids easily searchable in the mountains; a goggle clip gives security; and goggle chimneys mean that vapour can escape from POC goggles to prevent steaming.

The helmet also features fully adjustable ventilation, making it easy for youngsters to control their temperature.

Item No. 10467

  • Lightweight kids’ ski helmet
  • Aramid penetration protection
  • In-mold construction with EPS liner and PC shell
  • SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) our silicone pad technology system
  • twICEme® NFC for access to vital info
  • RECCO® Reflector
  • Highly adjustable fit system
  • Goggle chimneys to evacuate steam from POC goggles
  • Fixed goggle clip
  • Fluorescent colors enhance visibility
  • Reflective patches

twICEme NFC functionality requirements

Upload vital info

NFC write functionality required (most android phones, iPhone 7 or later running iOS 13 or newer)

Read vital info

NFC enabled smartphone (most android phones, iPhone 7 or later)

twICEme Technology:

Care instructions

POC helmets are made of advanced materials that provide maximum protection. Do not expose your helmet to impact or external force during transport. Store it in a dry place, away from any source of heat like a hot radiator or sunshine through a car window. Clean the helmet with a damp cloth and perhaps a little mild liquid soap. Do no use strong detergent or solvents. Decals, glue etc. may reduce durability. Helmets are ”perishables” that should be replaced after three years of use. If you know or suspect that your helmet has been damaged or exposed to any abnormal force, you should have it carefully checked by an authorized POC dealer. You can also send or bring it in to POC for inspection. Damage that may reduce your helmet’s protective qualities can be invisible and difficult to detect. Replace the helmet if there is any sign or suspicion of damage.

Size Guide

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Measurement Guide

Helmet sizes are based on the circumference of your head. To determine the correct size, wrap a measuring tape around your head. Once you've determined the measurement, you can use the chart here as a guide.