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the human engine

Noah Bramme

The human engine is worth celebrating. In this series, we speak to commuters around the world to discover why they choose to commute by bike, and what it means to use the human engine.

Falling in love with a city

For Noah Bramme, an advertising creative based in Stockholm, the bike commute to work is not about stress, sweat or speed but about enjoying a good ride. And about falling in love.

Noah Bramme was born and raised on Södermalm in central Stockholm. Like for many Swedes, young and old, biking has always been a part of his life. Starting from a young age Noah and his friends would ride around the streets of Stockholm. For his family it was the number one way to get around.

My family lived in the city and we never owned a car. We biked everywhere. Riding a bike has always been there, and I genuinely love it.”

Today Noah Bramme is a ”sunshine rider”, taking his bike to work on beautiful days. He calls himself a casual commuter. With soft music playing in his headphones, wearing the same clothes on the bike as he will the rest of the day he smoothly rolls his way to work without breaking a sweat. He enjoys a good-quality bike but appreciates an old rusty ride with a scratched up paint job just as much.

As long as it takes me to where I want to go, I'm happy. I bike because of the freedom it provides to move around Stockholm.”

The nature of his job is office-based. Noah sits behind a desk all day. He thinks, writes, creates, and pushes out ideas. The commute is a powerful contrast with its fresh air and movement. Biking is a perfect way to start the day, he says, and a well-needed way to clear his mind when heading home.

”Bike commuting just makes me feel so much better. It’s the perfect way to wake up in the morning and to wind down after a long day. Movement in general is great for coming up with ideas.”

The office where Noah works sits between Vasastan and Sibirien, a 20-minute ride away from his apartment. The trip takes him across some of Stockholm's busier streets, numerous parks, and at least two bridges. One of them—the high arching Västerbron— offers an expansive view over the bay Riddarfjärden and the Stockholm skyline with  its churches and the iconic City Hall tower.

Stockholm is unreal in so many places. Just beautiful. And the best way to experience it is while cruising on the bike. It makes me fall in love with the city time and time again.”

Noah's Commuting Essentials_

Photos: Martin Brusewitz


the human engine
the human engine

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