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The weightless expectation

On the face of it full-face helmets offer obvious safety advantages. Riders who take on gravity-fed trails will have the extra protection where their heads are fully covered.

It’s a silhouette more often associated with high stakes—and even the motorbike world—rather than the average mountain biker, who may not face the challenges that a full-face helmet is designed to enjoy. At least not day in and day out.

But, as Bob Dylan famously wrote; ‘the times they are a changing’.

Mountain bikes are no longer one trick ponies.

In the recent past riders were focused on DH riding, trail, or XC but the development of enduro riding has brought a whole new perspective to mountain biking, and especially how kit must work.

Mountain bikes have morphed into super machines; riders can now take on harder, more technical gravity-fed terrain, and then easily climb back to the top of the mountain instead of taking a lift. And they encourage riders to go further afield, to places they would have never imagined being able to pedal to before.

It may be defined as a golden era for mountain bike riders. And it can certainly be seen as a golden era in innovation and development.

The birth of the Otocon

This innovation process is born of these new demands, especially for helmets which need to protect when the going gets as tough as it gets, and then to be light and airy enough to pedal in all day long.

And this is exactly how the Otocon came to be.

It’s a helmet that brings a new perspective to mountain biking. Totally covered, yet fully ventilated. It is inspired by our award-wining road helmets and offers an exceptionally low weight.

The Otocon manages to achieve its incredible weight (weighing a mere 700g - size medium) thanks to its unique development with two liners, one for the upper zone made from EPS and the lower zone and chin bar made from EPP, designed for maximum protection.

Despite this low weight, the helmet’s safety is never compromised. The Otocon goes further:  it introduces a whole new idea of how a full-face helmet can protect riders before, during and after an accident with a variety of digital integration, such as RECCO® and an NFC Medical ID provided by twICEme®.

As well as the inclusion of an almost invisible MIPS® Integra system, the Otocon delivers another first in safety with the integrated fit adjustment system, ’Race Lock’. Inspired by POC’s World Cup ski racing helmets, the integrated adjuster at the back of the helmet makes it easy to find each rider’s unique 360° fit. Never interfering with a rider’s neck, it allows for the broader range of movement needed in enduro and gravity-based riding.

As Robin Wallner, Ibis Enduro racing team manager, said: “We have a very long history of working together with POC. Together we have weaved our insights and experiences into the Otocon, and the result, a lightweight helmet with incredible ventilation and a wealth of safety features, is extraordinary.”

There will be no weight of expectation.

Just expectation.

Defying conventional thinking, the Otocon provides a weightlessness that will allow your expectations and experiences to grow, bigger and better with each ride.

It will go wherever you want to go, but you may forget you’re wearing it!

Totally protected, fully ventilated.

Photos by: Niklas Wallner

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