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Inspired by_ Bex Baraona x GMBN

Dealing with concussion It’s rare to finish a day on a mountain bike and not be grinning from ear to ear. It is a sport that revolves around positive feelings. Of course, as part of the enjoyment comes with finding individual limits and testing skill levels, it’s natural that accidents happen. Luckily most riders will not suffer anything more than a dent to their confidence. It is rare to ...

The ’Gowaan’ gal

If you found yourself trail side at any of the Enduro World Series races in recent times, you would find it hard to miss a strange new shout of encouragement rising above the cacophony of ‘allez allez’, ‘vai vai’ and ‘yeah boi!’. The mysteriously sounding ‘Gowaan’, with its roots deep in the vibrant UK mountain bike scene, is now as likely to be heard in Santa Cruz as it is in Sheffield. It...

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