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The grand celebration of endurance

The Grand Tours of cycling - the three-week races of Italy, France and Spain - have no sporting rivals as feats of endurance. The Tour de France, the oldest and grandest of them all, offers a particularly searching examination of a rider’s physical fitness and mental resilience. Savage climbs, nerve-shredding descents, full bore sprints and timed efforts that require nothing less from a ride...

The Tour is the Tour

[caption id="attachment_3064" align="alignnone" width="584"] Readying himself for his first Tour de France[/caption]It’s a universal truth held by any within cycling that ‘The Tour is the Tour’. While the Giro d’Italia may be the choice of the cognoscenti, and La Vuelta España has in recent years been the most exciting of the three Grand Tours, nothing compares to the scale and status of the T...

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