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The Thrill Of The Hunt

You could say Marco Odermatt was born to ski. Growing up in the Nidwalden region of the Swiss Alps – an area steeped in ski culture and history – he was raised in a family of skiers.

He was first put on skis at the age of two by his dad, who also coached ski racing at the local ski club, and to this day keeps a detailed log of all of Marco’s days on the hill.

Photo: GEPA pictures

Raised in that environment it’s no surprise that Marco has been a dedicated student of the craft. He spent his childhood closely tracking the career of his Swiss idol Didier Cuche, road tripping to watch World Cups around Switzerland, and putting in the work over the years to climb the ranks from devoted fan, to competitor, to World Champion.

Sure, the strong foundation was there. But to say he was born to be a world-class skier is to miss the magic of Marco.

What makes Marco’s skiing so thrilling––so gripping that you can’t look away or help but smile when he flies down the track––is the fighting spirit he brings.

Skiing pulses through his veins.

He skis on the edge, putting it all on the line. He’s fierce, agile and technically strong, with cat-like reflexes – known to course-correct mid-air to adjust his line. He seems to spend half of his run floating, and when he’s not air-born, he tears down the mountain with the sharpest point of his razor edges as the only thing keeping him connected to the earth.


Photo: GEPA pictures

And despite his extraordinary success, triumphs and trophies, he somehow manages always to attack each race with the intensity and aggression of an underdog.

Because the laws of nature drive Marco, not the false assurances from his past successes.

It’s the physics of every unique slope, the chemistry of the snow that day, the mindset of his competitors. Always smiling, with a laser-like focus, four turns ahead, as he stalks his prey; time.

Photo: GEPA pictures

The results speak for themselves. Fourteen World Cup podiums this season across three disciplines, a medal at every World Cup Giant Slalom race, Gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, winner of the 2021/22 Crystal Globe in Giant Slalom, and now, skiing’s crown jewel, winner of the World Cup Overall title.

All at just 24 years of age.

He wasn’t just born to ski. Marco is skiing.

(Congratulations on a heroic season Marco­­! May the thrill of the hunt drive you for years to come.)

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