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Devour Photochromic Lens

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The photochromic lens for the Devour frame darkens automatically in sunnier conditions, giving vision optimised for the prevailing light.

Color Clarity Photochromic
Clarity Photochromic
Product Highlights
  • Clarity Photochromic lens technology

Product Description_

Darkening automatically in brighter conditions, the photochromic lens for the Devour frame gives you the confidence that your eye protection will always be right for the prevailing light levels.

Choose the photochromic lens as an all-rounder for a variety of light conditions. The lens is easy to fit into your existing Devour frame.

Technical Details_

Clarity Photochromic Lens

The photochromic lens features a molecular coating that reacts to UV light, darkening on exposure. As the sunlight levels reduce, the lens gets lighter again.

Fits Devour Frame

The lens fits your existing Devour frame.

Product Number: MA1103