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Forearm Classic JR

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A classic forearm protector for junior alpine ski racers giving the right protection to find the fastest way through the gates.

Color Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Orange
Product Highlights
  • Polyethylene outer gives strength without brittleness.
  • Smooth, low-friction outer
  • EVA interior padding enhances comfort.
  • Cutting guides
  • Removable Velcro straps for easy cleaning

Product Description_

The hardshell Forearm Classic JR enhances protection from hitting the gates. Constructed from polyethylene, the protectors give strength and resilience in even the coldest conditions. The straps are easy to personalize and to care for: cutting marks along the top allow you to adjust the fit so it's right for you, and all fastening straps can be completely removed for easy cleaning. Each protector is lined on the interior with EVA padding for extra comfort.

Technical Details_

Polyethylene outer

This tough plastic copes well in very cold conditions, ensuring protection without brittleness.

EVA padding

The inner of the protector is lined with EVA to improve comfort.

Cutting guides

The protectors feature cutting guides so it's easy to customise the fit.

Removable Velcro straps

The Velcro straps give a secure fit and can be completely removed for easy cleaning.

Product Number: 20196