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Iris Spare Lens

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POC´s Carl Zeiss lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC) and have superior perfomance. All combinations of tints and mirrors have been carefully selected to minimize internal glare and to utilize the full effect of the base tint benefits.

Color: Bronze
Lens: silver mirror
Bronze/silver mirror
Product Highlights
  • Lens by ZEISS
  • Black (No mirror), VLT 6%, Category S4
  • Bronze / Silver Mirror VLT 12%, Category S3
  • Persimmon / Blue Mirror VLT 25%, Category S2
  • Pink / Gold Mirror VLT 31%, Category S2
  • Pink / Bronze Mirror VLT 28%, Category S2
  • Grey / Purple Mirror VLT 33%, Category S2
  • Persimmon / Red Mirror VLT 35%, Category S2
  • Sonar Orange (No Mirror) VLT 25%, Category S1
  • Yellow (No Mirror) VLT 63 %, Category S1