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MTB Pure LS Jersey

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A lightweight, long-sleeve jersey that keeps you cool on every ride. Using a highly breathable fabric, the jersey is shaped for riding, staying close to your body however you position yourself on the bike.

Color Prehnite Green/Hydrogen White
Prehnite Green/Hydrogen White
Uranium Black/Epidote Green
Aragonite Brown/Hydrogen White
Turmaline Navy/Axinite Brown
Lead Blue/Granite Grey
Zink Orange/Moonstone Grey/Lt Sandstone Beige
Lt Fluorite Green/Sylvanite Grey/Alloy Grey
Uranium Black
Uranium Black/Basalt Blue/Lt Basalt Blue
Apophyllite Green/Navy Black
Propylene Red/Turmaline Navy/Uranium Black
Turmaline Navy/Prehnite Green
Axinite Brown/Hydrogen White
Himalayan Salt/Turmaline Navy
Light Sandstone Beige/Zink Orange