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Ora Tear off lens

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Clear lens for the Ora goggle featuring pins to keep tear-off sheets in place.

Color Transparent
Product Highlights
  • Clear lens
  • Keeps tear-off sheets secure
  • Fits the Ora frame

Product Description_

Racing downhill places extra demands on your vision, so having the clearest line of sight at all times is vital. With the tear-off lens system, you can easily tear off a sheet from your lens so any mud and dirt affecting your vision is instantly removed.

The Tear Off Lens is a clear lens tailored for downhill, and features small pins on the surface of the lens to keep tear-off sheets firmly attached.

The lens change system in the Ora goggle is easy to use, so you can swap to the tear-off lens for race day, when clear vision matters most.

Technical Details_

Clear Lens

The clear lens is tailored for downhill and ensures your sight is never compromised in wooded sections.

Tear-off pins

Small pins on each side of the lens keep lens tear-off sheets secure while also ensuring they are easy to remove while racing.

Product Number: 41248