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POCito Skull

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The POCito Skull for kids has the same technologies as POC’s adult race helmets but provides improved impact absorption at lower speeds and force.

Color Fluorescent Blue
Fluorescent Blue
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Lime Green
Product Highlights
  • Shell of injected PC/ABS
  • Multi-impact EPP liner.
  • Aramid Penetration Barrier
  • Comfortable LD foam lining, removable for easy cleaning
  • Turn-ring size adjustment system
  • Goggle clip with contact information in case the child is lost
  • Includes accessory pack with a LED lamp for better visibility in the dark and a POCito Bib in fluorescent orange with reflectors, to be worn over the jacket.
  • Color finish: shiny

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POCito Retina

Regular price €110,00 Outlet Sale Price
Fluorescent Orange/Clarity POCito Spektris Silver
Fluorescent Yellow Green/Clarity POCito Spektris Silver
Fluorescent Pink/Clarity POCito Spektris Silver
Fluorescent Orange/Orange No Mirror
Fluorescent Pink/Orange No Mirror
Fluorescent Yellow Green/Orange No Mirror
Fluorescent Blue/Clarity POCito Spektris Silver
Fluorescent Blue/Orange No Mirror

Product Description_

POCito Protection for kids

It has a full Aramid Penetration Barrier to protect from sharp objects and the helmet has also adjustable sizing, which allows the child to grow with the helmet. The helmet comes in fluorescent colors with reflective stickers to maximize visibility and ultimately avoid collisions with other skiers. There is also an accessory pack including a LED light and a fluorescent vest. The goggle clip has a My Info-space for the parent's contact information.

Please note:
This helmet is painted in a color which can fade.
The pigments are sensitive to UV radiation, making the color fade over time if exposed to strong sunlight. This process can be stopped by adding harmful additives, but the paint we use for this helmet uses environmentally friendly additives to protect the helmet from fading.
Unfortunately, the friendly additives can not be as efficient as the harmful ones.
The fading is a natural process and a result of the choices made in the product development and is not a sign of the product being defective.

Technical Details_


XS-S (51-54CM)


EN 1077-B




POCito Bib in fluorescent orange with reflectors. To be worn over the jacket for increased visibility Detachable LED lamp, to avoid being run into

POCito is a series of products for kids between 4 and 10 years old, all developed to prevent accidents or to decrease the severity of injuries in an accident. 

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