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Resistance Layer Tights

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The Resistance Layer Tights enhance protection against lacerations caused by the sharp edges on skis.

Color Uranium Black
Uranium Black
Product Highlights
  • Specific zones featuring cut-resistant Dyneema fabric.
  • Wool blend for increased comfort and functionality.
  • Elasticated waistband gives a secure, comfortable fit.

Product Description_

The Resistance Layer Tights enhances protection against lacerations caused by the sharp edges on skis. Featuring a new kind of Dyneema® fabric developed specifically for POC, the Resistance Layer Tights also function as a traditional base layer, providing extra warmth and insulation when it is needed most. The Dyneema® cut-resistant material features in specific zones on the legs that are most likely to be cut by skis in a fall. A double-knit construction with wool and polyester allows wool to sit next to the body for increased comfort.


A new kind of Dyneema® with stretch has been developed specifically for POC. The material is 15x stronger than steel, giving advanced cut protection.

Technical Details_


Features a unique Dyneema fabric developed specifically for POC. Dyneema is one of the world's strongest fibers.

Cut-resistant zones

Give extra protection in the areas on the legs most at risk from lacerations.

Wool blend

Wool/Polyester blend gives warmth and functionality. A double-knit construction allows the wool to sit next to the body for comfort.

Elastic waistband

Helps ensure the base layer armor sits comfortably and securely in place.

Product Number: 57022