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Skull Dura X Mips

Regular price €280,00 Outlet Sale Price

Featuring Race Lock for a secure fit and updated to include Mips rotational impact protection, the Skull Dura X Mips gives trusted race protection.

Color Aventurine Yellow Matt
Aventurine Yellow Matt
Garnet Red Matt
Hydrogen White
Uranium Black Matt
Lead Blue
Fluorescent Orange
Product Highlights
  • Race Lock turnwheel adjuster
  • Mips rotational impact protection
  • Removable ear pads
  • Compatible with Maxilla Breakaway Chin Bar

Get A Seamless Fit_

Fovea Clarity Comp

Regular price €240,00 Outlet Sale Price
Aventurine Yellow Uranium Black/Spektris Blue
Garnet Red Hydrogen White/Spektris Blue
Flerovium Pink Uranium Black/Spektris Blue
Fluorescent Orange Hydrogen White/Spektris Blue
Hydrogen White Uranium Black/Spektris Blue