Not all falls are created equal, but thanks to advanced research we now know that we have to protect against even the slightest oblique impacts as much as direct linear falls, which is why we created SPIN.


The most common type of fall results in an angled, or oblique, impact with the ground or object which can lead to movement of the helmet in relation to the head. Research has shown that compared to a direct, or linear, fall the force required to cause serious injury from an oblique impact is often much lower. To counter this common impact scenario we created SPIN pads, an evolution in head and brain protection.

Never Compromise
We never compromise on our mission to do everything we can to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes, and we are constantly researching new materials and innovations to meet our own demands to improve safety. SPIN pads, our new patent-pending technology, has been developed to reduce the impact of oblique falls by shearing in any direction.