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Uncompromising eye protection and a very large field of view ensures the Ora goggles give security for trail and enduro riders.

Color: Cerussite Kashima
Lens: Cat. 1
Garnet Red Translucent
Product Highlights
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • Seamless fit with POC helmets

Product Description_

The Ora bike goggle has been created to meet the precise needs and demands of modern mountain bikers. The Ora has been created to optimize a riders field of vision and the has been created to fit seamlessly with POC's helmet collection, in particular the Tectal and Coron. The Ora has a neutral tint lens, from industry leaders, Carl Zeiss, which offers the best vision in variable conditions and across different shade environments e.g. riding into, or out of forest sections. To meet the demands of modern Enduro riders the goggle has also been created with no vent foam in order to maximse ventilation for riders who require maximized airflow. The unique design, coupled with details such as a flexible frame and adjustable strap ensure the goggle stays precisely in place. The ability to exchange lenses quickly and easily ensures the Ora is a goggle for all needs.

Technical Details_

Cylindrical lens

Gives a clear, undistorted view.

Large field of view

The wide lens gives exceptional peripheral vision.

Neutral light lens

A light grey lens from Zeiss is suited to riding in different conditions as light levels.

Interchangeable lens

The lens can easily be removed and swapped.

Triple-layer face foam

Gives a soft and comfortable fit against the face.

Malleable frame

The soft frame adapts to different face shapes.

Ventilated frame

Minimizes fogging.

Adjustable strap

The broad strap can be easily adjusted for a secure fit against a helmet.

Product Number: 40251

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