Commuting to the future
POC and forth is the collection for modern urban bike commuters. Built with an optimal blend of function and form it is a collection which eliminates the unnecessary border between the commute, office, restaurant or home and is designed to enhance the sensory wonder that follows every bike ride.
Ride through the seasons

POC and forth is a collection that spans all the seasons. It’s also a means for us to provide our view on what we believe should be at the forefront of commuting, so everyone is able to support a zero-carbon society. Wearable technology, connectivity, advanced fabrics and materials are blended together with history and bike culture to support a greener world, making commuting easier, safer and celebrating the bike.

Corpora AID

The Corpora AID is a smart helmet which embodies the future of helmet technology and safety. The helmet features an LED panel in the rear with integrated lights. The LED panel also work as regular lights to improve visibility.