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Omne Eternal

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Imagine a helmet with an integrated light that can enhance your visibility. One so advanced that it turns on automatically and will charge itself from any light source, so you will never think about charging cables, on and off switches or where you left your lights ever again.

Color Uranium Black Matt
Uranium Black Matt
Product Highlights
  • Features a self-powered rear light that will never need charging with a cable.
  • Powered by Powerfoyle, which converts any light source, indoors or outdoors, into clean electrical power.
  • The light is turned on automatically simply by wearing the helmet.
  • Sensors in the helmet detect the light intensity to switch on the light when dark.

Product Description_

The first helmet of its kind which can charge itself from any light, indoors and outdoors. The result is when you want to ride, your light is always charged and ready. All powered by clean, endless energy.

Designed with seamless safety all a rider needs to think about is riding. The helmet is designed with sensors to monitor light conditions which will activate automatically when worn. And when you take off the helmet the lights will stop automatically.

The acclaimed Omne helmet is lightweight, safe, well ventilated and comfortable, and the Omne Eternal adds to this with its unique use of Powerfoyle, a light harvesting technology to permanently power its rear light.

There are no on/off switches, no charging ports, no fiddly cables, no lights to forget at home, just enhanced visibility, charged and powered by any light. Always there, ready when you most need it.

Always charging, always ready

Powerfoyle’s unique material transforms all light, outdoors and indoors, into power. When it gets dark your light turns on automatically. Ready when you most need it.

Towards the light

Powerfoyle converts any light into clean endless energy. The more you use it, the more visible you are and the more we help restore the carbon balance of our planet.

Technical Details_

Automatically activated rear light

Sensors record the light level and automatically activated and de-activate the light when being worn.

Integrates Powerfoyle

Uses unique light-harvesting technology to create clean, endless energy from indoor and outdoor light.


No charging cables are needed as it's always charging in light.

No on or off switches

The light turns on and off automatically, you just need to wear it.

Keeps you cool

Ventilation channels support enhanced airflow to keep you cool.

Advanced impact protection

Optimized-density EPS liner for superior impact absorption.

Lightweight with slim profile

Developed to support and enhance almost all head shapes.

Personal adjustment

Easily adjustable straps improve comfort and safety providing a personal fit.

Precision fit and feel

Lightweight 360° size adjustment system makes it easy to dial in the optimized fit.