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The brightest conditions place extra demands on the eyes: the Nivalis give extra protection.

Color: Aventurine Yellow
Lens: Grey White Mirror CAT 3
Aventurine Yellow/Grey White Mirror CAT 3
Cerussite Kashima Translucent/Brown Silver Mirror CAT 2
Hydrogen White/Clarity Universal Sunny White Cat 3
Uranium Black/Grey Gold Mirror Cat 4
Product Highlights
  • Adjustable temples
  • Detachable leather shields
  • Lanyard
  • Very dark lens

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Product Description_

The all-encompassing brightness of glaciers places extra demands on the eyes – demands that standard sunglasses cannot meet. Features including extra protection at the sides of the eyes and extra-dark lenses make the Nivalis an optimal choice for glacier use. Adjustable temples ensure a secure fit around the ears, and snap-in hinges improve durability as the frames are less likely to break in a fall.

Grippy rubber nose pads and temples ensure the glasses stay firmly in place even during strenuous activity.

Warning: The darker lenses in this model should not be used while driving.

Technical Details_

Bio-grilamid frame

Lightweight, strong, durable and made from majority renewable sources.

Grippy nosepiece

A soft, nosepiece in grippy rubber ensures the glasses stay secure.

Adjustable temples

Adjustable temples with grippy rubber patches ensure the glasses sit comfortably.

Snap hinges

Snap-in hinges allow temples to break away from the lens in a fall, minimizing damage. They can easily be snapped back in place.

Clarity lens

Lenses with Clarity technology for sharper vision are available.

Dark lens

A very dark lens keeps eyes protected in the brightest light.


Complete UVA and UVB protection.


Ri-Pel™ protects from dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and makes the lenses easier to keep clean.

Anti-scratch treatment

Keeps the lenses free from blemishes that affect vision.

Detachable leather shields

Shields to the sides of the eyes keep even more light out, and can be removed for use in normal conditions.


A lanyard can be attached through holes in the temples for extra security.

Included in box

- Soft carrying pouch/cleaning cloth

Product Number: NI1001

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