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Ora Clarity

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Downhill and enduro goggle featuring clarity technology.

Color: Axinite Brown
Axinite Brown
Uranium Black
Hydrogen White/Clarity Define Spektris Violet
Argentite Silver
Ammolite Coral Translucent
Fluorescent Pink/Uranium Black Translucent
Product Highlights
  • MTB specific goggle designed with maximized field of view
  • Contrast enhancing Clarity lens created with Zeiss for enhanced optical performance
  • Optimized for trail environment

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Otocon Race MIPS

Regular price €330,00 Outlet Sale Price
Fluorescent Orange AVIP/Uranium Black Matt
Hydrogen White/Uranium Black Matt
Uranium Black/Hydrogen White Matt
Sapphire Purple/Uranium Black Metallic/Matt
Cerussite Kashima/Uranium Black Metallic/Matt
Aventurine Yellow Matt
Argentite Silver/Uranium Black Matt

Combined With_

Coron Air MIPS

Regular price €300,00 Outlet Sale Price
Argentite Silver/Uranium Black Matt
Hydrogen White
Actinium Pink/Uranium Black Matt

Product Description_

The Ora Clarity MTB goggle features a lens developed with optical industry leaders Carl Zeiss that heightens contrast of browns and greens typically associated with trail environments. The shape of the goggle supports a wider field of view, helping a rider to see more in all directions, thereby promoting better safety. The goggle also features no vent foam, thereby maximizing ventilation and minimizing steaming. The Ora Clarity fits seamlessly with the POC Tectal and POC Coron families of helmets, and features a flexible frame and an adjustable strap to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Technical Details_


Brand new and unique frame construction for enhanced ventilation


Seamless fit with Tectal and Coron helmets

Snug and adjustable straps

Flexible frame construction integrated with a 3-layer face foam for a precison fit