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Fovea Mid/Fovea Mid Race Lens

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Ensure your vision is always at its best regardless of the conditions with an additional Clarity lens for the Fovea Mid goggles frame.

Color: Clear
Lens: No mirror Cat. 0
Clear/No mirror Cat. 0
Clarity Intense/Sunny Gold Cat. 3
Clarity Intense/Partly Sunny Orange Cat. 2
Clarity Intense/Cloudy Coral Cat. 1
Clarity Highly Intense/Sunny Silver Cat. 3
Clarity Highly Intense/Partly Sunny Blue Cat. 2
Clarity Highly Intense/Cloudy Violet Cat. 1
Clarity Highly Intense/Low Light Pink Cat. 1
Clarity Highly Intense/Artificial Light Cat. 1
Clarity Universal/Partly Sunny Grey Cat. 2
Clarity Photochromic/Changing Sky Blue Cat. 1
Product Highlights
  • Clarity lens technology
  • Ri-Pel hydrophobic and oleophobic lens treatment
  • Anti-scratch treatment
  • Complete UV protection (UV400)