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Questions regarding your order:
Questions regarding products:

What is the status of my order?

Please note we are currently unable to send out tracking information or update order status online. You may email or call 801-365-5550 for tracking, which is typically available 24 hours after placing your order. Please know that your shipping status when you log in to your account may not be accurate.

Do I have to pay extra duties and taxes?

Orders shipping to UT, CO and NH will see a sales tax on their order. This will be reflected in your cart during checkout.

Orders going to Canada are subject to taxes depending on where they’re headed to, however, all duties are included in the cost of the goods.

What apparel size am I?

Our size chart will help you find the right size for your gear. For help to find the right fit, view POC´s size guides. Some of our apparel products fit smaller than others, for “True to Size” information, see the product details on product pages.

What helmet size am I?

A helmet should have a snug fit. Not too tight, not too loose. Remember always to try a helmet with a pair of goggles and to check that the helmet and goggles fit well together. All POC helmets and goggles are developed together for a seamless integration. When choosing the right size, you can measure the circumference of the head at the widest area of the head. This measurement corresponds to the measurement stated in the helmet size guide. For example, if your head circumference measurement is 57cm, you are most likely to fit in a L size helmet (L: 57-58 cm). Remember that each head is different and a circumference measurement of 57cm is no guarantee that a helmet of size L: 57-58cm will fit perfectly depending on the shape of the head in relation to the shape of the helmet.

How can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel an order, you can do this by sending an email to or calling us at 801-365-5550. Please state the order number found in your order confirmation and what items you wish to cancel. If the product has already been picked and packed by our warehouse, it is not eligible for return once you have received them. The returned items must be in perfect condition and return shipping is the customer's responsibility. Instructions for how to return an item can be found under Order Information.

How do I return an item? - Returns & Exchanges

Information on Returns and Exchanges can be found on the Order Information page.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards on

How will you handle my personal information?

POC will not sell or hire out any of the personal information collected at This information will be used to inform our customers about POC-related matters. Please read our Privacy Policy for complete information.

How often should a helmet be replaced?

We recommend that you replace your helmet, POC or other brand, after 3 years. There is some natural aging that will occur in any polymer, but more important, the life of different helmets will look very different depending on how they are treated (use, carefulness, travel, vibrations etc) in which conditions they are used (sunlight, heat, cold etc), storage (temperature, humidity) and so forth. Some helmets will not show significant signs of aging after 10 years while other helmets will be old and tired after 3 years. You can place your helmet anywhere in that range depending on how you feel you treat your helmet, but we will stick to our 3 year recommendation.

These variations are the reason that we, out of care for our customers, recommend a 3 year exchange cycle for safety measure. This lifespan is recommended from the date of use.

The manufacturing date should not have a negative effect on the safety performance of the helmet as long as it has always been stored in good conditions (warehouse preferably).

Our helmets are made of first grade materials, and we are confident that our helmets will perform as well as or better than the helmets that state 5 or even 8 years exchange period after any length of time, if they have had a similar life.

How do I change the lens on my goggles?

To take out the lens, pull the upper and lower rims of the frame apart. This will release the lens from the notches situated at the hard plastic outriggers. To put the new lens in, start with one side, for example the left side, and get the lens notches aligned with the outriggers and slide it in place. Repeat for the right side and finish with the nose. This process differs for the Orb Clarity goggle. Please contact our customer service at or 801-365-5550 for more details.

Who carries POC product in my area?

Head to our Store Locator to see who carries our product near you.

Can I get an Industry or Pro purchase deal?

To apply for the POC Sports Pro Program, please email fill out an application on our Pro Program page. Please note, all sales are final for products purchased with a pro deal on